Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reno/Tour Details

January 28th
Studio on 4th, Reno NV
w/ THE FUCKING BUCKAROOS, the deadly gallows

We'd also like to play a show or house party on the 29th in Norcal somewhere along the way home, so if you want a dose of fear give Jeff a holler at 818-307-6012.

So our tour is a planned foreseeable reality now, and here are the (vague) details:

April 5-Norcal TBA
April 6-Portland TBA
April 7-Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia TBA
April 8-Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia TBA
April 9-Portland TBA
April 10-Bay Area TBA

Once we have some stuff set up for sure I'll put that up, but if you can help us with a place to play anywhere along the way it would be repaid in a synesthesia-inducing experience.

In other news, if we catch the motherfucker setting off pipe bombs in the tenderloin we will either kill him dead or party with him, depending on his motives.

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  1. Fuck! what is with all these TL pipe bombs going off? We need to find this prick!