Sunday, May 13, 2012

SUMMER 2012 TOUR: so we've been keeping it close the last little bit, but all things are coming together for our summer tour back up to the pacific northwest that we love so well. we've got a few shows confirmed and need some help with others...if you can help please get in touch and we'll be best friends with you while in your city! july 31-norcal/reno, tba august 1-house show, portland w/ drunk dad and others tba august 2-the morgue, seattle w/ drunk dad and others tba august 3-seattle or vancouver, please help! august 4-the tube, portland w/ tba august 5-norcal tba august 6-norcal tba other than that we got a house show in west oakland on the 24th of this month and another in sf on june 2 with some real good bands, robins supersecret birthday fest june 16 (ask us for details), and fuckfest VII in july at warm water cove. we'll be playing our shows from june through december with substitute bass guy david, while ko goes to alaska to find himself, but don't let that stop you. we will rule anyway.

Friday, March 30, 2012

We have a couple sweet shows coming up!

So we have this happening:

then we're playing fuckfest at warm water cove in April and have Robin's annual backyard birthday bash with La Plebe and maybe Lecherous Gaze in June. LP recording to occur sometime around all this. Also, midwest be prepared. We're going out there June 5-10. Anyone who can help with tour booking between Minneapolis and Ohio will be on our favorite friends list.

Friday, January 13, 2012

we're playing an all ages show in SF!

Shark Fin
Between Your Teeth
Street Justice

Submission Art Space, Saturday January 14th. 8pm, 8 dollars!

Monday, December 19, 2011

we're playing a show

santa cruz punks and other weird kids, come see us this wednesday with la plebe and some other bands at the catalyst atrium. it's eight bucks and starts at 8, we play third (right before plebe). we're going to blow your goddamn mind.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday November 7th!
Hemlock Tavern

Que Se Mueran
Street Justice
Bible Thumper (New Jersey)


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now with less inactivity than before!

So we have one of those public facebook band page things. I guess we're supposed to promote ourselves, so go add us if you're into that kind of thing since that's the only way we ever reveal the secrets of secret shows.

other than that, we're gearing up to record the long awaited Street Justice LP in September with Craigums, name still withheld to prevent too much internet hype. while we prep these hot new tracks, we'll be playing some shows coming up:

July 27, Wednesday
Hemlock Tavern with:
Humilitate (Basque Spain crossover)
SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE (rad bay hardcore band)
7 bucks, doors at 8:30. we play first.

August 7, Sunday
Eli's Mile High Club with:
some country bands.
No details. We headline. Should be interesting.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Queens Nails show got cancelled. Blame it on the neighbors.


We are in lieu of that going to be playing a killer show this Sunday, the 26th, at Merchants Saloon on 2nd Street in Oakland. Other bands will be the awe inspiring and always terrific Face The Rail, The Fasttakers from Portland, and the shredding boogie monsters known as Lecherous Gaze. Yeah dude. Starts at 8.