Thursday, January 13, 2011

7" coming out, planning tour, etc

So we have a bitchin' record that we cut in a free expression college session in November, and it'll be coming out sometime in March or April...Mixing is just about finalized and we'll be having another masterpiece from Josh Short on the cover.  After what his buddy and him worked up for our cd, it is safe to be stoked.    Hopefully we'll be back in there in late February for another record, we've got a bunch of pretty bleak tunes that need to be committed to plastics.

In other news, we're going to try to be a real band this spring and go on a real band style spring tour.  Any requests to come play at your birthday party WILL be granted.  Seriously though, we're pretty shitty at this "knowing people" and "getting shows" thing so any help would be completely appreciated and more than reimbursed in the form of us hanging out with you, getting you drunk, making you good food, and having a lot of laughs with you as is our way.  We're probably going to the great white north, so any help finding someplace to play in the following regions would be extremely extreme:


Possibly heading out to Reno with our sisters/boyfriends The Fucking Buckaroos later this month. Duck!

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