Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now with less inactivity than before!

So we have one of those public facebook band page things. I guess we're supposed to promote ourselves, so go add us if you're into that kind of thing since that's the only way we ever reveal the secrets of secret shows.

other than that, we're gearing up to record the long awaited Street Justice LP in September with Craigums, name still withheld to prevent too much internet hype. while we prep these hot new tracks, we'll be playing some shows coming up:

July 27, Wednesday
Hemlock Tavern with:
Humilitate (Basque Spain crossover)
SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE (rad bay hardcore band)
7 bucks, doors at 8:30. we play first.

August 7, Sunday
Eli's Mile High Club with:
some country bands.
No details. We headline. Should be interesting.

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