Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We survived tour and the weeks that followed! Huge thanks to the awesome bands Arterial Spray, Crutches, Shakin Michael J, Kotten-Dik, Vigilante Death Squad, and all other friends who came along for part of the ride. We don't have any shows coming up that we're aware of, but we'll be playing an awesome birthday barbeque for our best gal pal Robin in a supersecret El Sobrante home come mid-June, and that should be awesome. We're also going to try to head back in for a little more recording in the next month or two, which should result in a towering monolith of impacted rage and spittle as our amplification situation has improved tremendously since our last journey to the studio. You like it loud? We like it louder.

The only other real update, besides our 7" being finally available with kewl hand-screened artwork by Ko, is that we are offering a free digital download of the EP, which you can now stream on the left hand side of this page. Available in high quality mp3 with separate tracks here: http://www.mediafire.com/?pw9td4wfanyyx4s

We're working on getting a paypal account and bigcartel and the whole shebang, but until then if you want shirts, cd's, or the new record email us at justiceofthestreets@gmail.com.

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