Friday, November 5, 2010

We joined the internet revolution!

So we (I) finally started doing internet stuff besides myspace and facebook.  We also are setting up a bandcamp thing, so you'll be able to buy our t-shirts and music through there.  If you're just too impatient for that, email us at and we'll make arrangements to get you a cd or t-shirt or both.    The next couple of months should find this site blossoming into a young woman, complete with tour dates (really!) and pictures and mp3 downloads from our self-releases, the 2009 cd and upcoming 7."   We might even make more t-shirts.  How about that? 

In the meantime, you can busy yourself listening to music on our myspace or come see us with the Custom Kicks, Horror-X, and other bands I've never heard before at the Rockit Room on Clement and 6th tomorrow night (Nov. 6) FOR FREE.  It's Carmen's going-away party, and you'll miss her when she gets to Texas.  I know we will.

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